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9 Inspirations for Popular and Contemporary Women's Hairstyles

Choosing a hairstyle is an important thing because it can make the appearance more attractive and fresh. 

In addition, a good hairstyle can also make you feel more confident. Well, to keep it looking more charming, consider the various 2021 women's hairstyles that are the following current trends.

Popular  Women's Hairstyles

1. Wavy Bob Hair

Actually, the wavy bob is a bob style haircut that has been popular in the past. Well, so that your bob hairstyle looks more charming, you can arrange it again to be wavy using a hair straightener or curly tool . One-in short hairstyles can make your face look younger, you know.

2. Medium-Length Layered Hair

This shoulder-length haircut chooses a shorter top model than the bottom. No wonder the pieces look like steps. Well, this hairstyle is suitable for thin hair because it can create the impression of more volume hair.

Don't forget to straighten the bottom of your hair to make it look more charming. You can use this one straightener. 

3. Pixie Cut

This short hair has a characteristic back and shorter bangs, but a little longer on the side of the head.

This model is perfect for those of you who have little time to take care of your hair. So, you still look fashionable without the hassle of arranging it. 

4. Shaggy Layered Hair

This hairstyle is cut using the faceted technique, then layered to make it look more voluminous. To make your hair look thicker, you can try curling it inward. Add a little hair gel at the bottom to make your appearance more charming.

5. Edgy Bob Hair

The next inspiration is the edgy bob hair style. This hairstyle is made by cutting the hair shorter at the back in a bob-like model. Then, the front part of the hair is made a little longer. You can try this model to make it look more contemporary.

6. Korean Hairstyle See through Bangs

See through bangs Korean hairstyles are still popular among young people. His trademark is that the front bangs model is made thin so that the forehead can be seen.

Usually, the middle part of the bangs looks shorter and elongated on the side. This hairstyle can make you look younger.

 7. Layer Long Hairstyle

Layer haircuts can not only be made short, but can also be applied to long hair. Cut the front part of the hair like a ladder, where the top looks shorter and the bottom looks longer.

To maximize it, you can style your hair with curly models to make it look more beautiful. This method can also make your hair look thicker.

8. Short Straight Hair

This short hairstyle is cut evenly from front to back, with no longer or shorter sections. This is what makes your hairstyle look more simple, but still charming.

For those of you who don't like complicated, this one hairstyle can be tried, you know. Do not forget to blow the bottom of the hair to make it look thicker.

9. Long Curly Hairstyle 

Finally, you can choose a charming long curly hairstyle. This hairstyle can make your appearance look more charming. 

For those of you who have thin hair, you can choose this hairstyle because it can make it seem thicker and more voluminous.

So, which hairstyle do you prefer? Whatever hairstyle you choose, make sure you use a hairdryer, such as a hair dyer and a straightener. So, your appearance looks even more charming.

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